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The Mimis (2006)

The Mimis Director: Dave Jones

Tagline: Tripping in the desert

In this bizarre computer animated short, a young boy wants to hunt as good as his father, but instead ends up dancing off with the desert spirits known as the Mimis. It is lucky for him that his father is such a good hunter or he would have been lost forever.

I am normally not a fan of computer animation, but it was very creatively used in this case with lots of wild lines, bright colours and exaggerated effects. These contribute the overall wild effect along with the spooky soundtrack and the great music.

It was also interesting that you never found out whether the Mimis were good or bad. Even though they were called happy spirits, they still took the boy away from his father and weren't too bothered about him getting lost.

This short is part of a series of films called Dust Echoes showcasing stories from Aborginal culture so I will look out for the rest of the series.

Rating: 8/10

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Story on the series of movies this short comes from

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