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Rock'n'Roll Outlaw (2007)

Go Angry! Director: Lucille Desoto Clements

"We tried a pretty boy and that didn't work, so we went and got the ugliest, shortest and fattest bloke we could find and that was Angry" - Ian Rilen

Pay attention aspiring band documentary makers this is how you do it. No boring talking head features with people rabbiting on about the music. Straight up and down, just like the band itself, which is why it is so successful.

This is the story of the band told by the band members themselves with a wealth of archival performance footage, tour photographs, anecdotes, newspaper clippings and memories that all contribute to make it one of the best music docos I have seen.

My favourite photo was the one of Angry with a bishop who had his face pixelated and some of the archival TV footage is great also. The sound quality might not be too crash hot in some places, but it suits their music and shows you what they were really like when it was recorded.

I have only seen Rose Tattoo perform live once myself, but I always remember them being around and remember seeing Angry on TV in the 80s and 90s (the Batmobile appearance during the Grand Final in particular) so they have always been around for me.

Watching this documentary will be sad for some people due to the interview and performance footage of Pete Wells and Ian Rilen, but it was great to see them playing and as Pete Wells said they will always be part of the band spiritually.

With X now playing around town and the Divinyls recently reforming, I am sure there will be lots more interest in their music in years to come, particularly with their upcoming support slot on the Motorhead tour.

Rating: 9/10

Official Band Site
My photos of the band performing at the Ian Rilen Tribute last year

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