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The Ivan Hutchison Sessions: Session 1 - Actors

MIFF Festival Club, Forum Theatre, 30/7/07

One of the things I used to look forward every year when I was growing up was Ivan Hutchinson's Christmas Movie guide as in the 1980's it was difficult to see trailers for upcoming movies unless you actually went to the cinema and the web hadn't even been invented then so you couldn't bittorrent movies within milliseconds of their release.

I also remember Ivan Hutchinson being a very even-handed and knowledgeable reviewer and always enjoyed reading his reviews in the Herald Sun. It was a shock to hear of his death as he had been part of the entertainment industry in Australia for so long and it seemed he would continue for many more years. As I was already seeing a movie later that night, I decided to drop into the festival club early and enjoyed sitting in one of the beanbags up the front to watch some of the extended interviews from the Hutchison family archives.

Helen Mirren (promoting 2010) Had very messy hair and her dress was hanging off her shoulder. Was more of an informal chat really, lots of details about her early career which was interesting as I knew her more from TV.

Roger Moore (promoting James Bond) Very dapper even in casual mode, some interesting comments about his TV career and deciding to do whatever paid the most money.

Laura San Giacomo (promoting Sex, Lies & Videotape) She looked very sweet and innocent in this clip. Considering all the sassy wisecracking roles she plays nowadays on TV it was a shock to see her very shyly talking in this interview.

John Cleese (promoting Privates on Parade) Has a beard in this clip. I hadn't heard of the movie before but it sounds very interesting. Filmed a TV commercial in Melbourne in the 1970s and admitted that everything was planned out in advanced for the Fawlty Towers episodes as there wasn't time to improvise during the performance.

Sir Ben Kingsley (promoting Ghandi) Even before he insisted people call him SIR he was still a bit of a tosser way back then. Was more of a theatre-trained actor and didn't take films seriously.

Isabella Rosellini (didn't get the movie) The audio was a bit quiet, but it was funny to hear Ivan flirting with this sexy French actress (who wouldn't!)

Dennis Quaid (promoting Great Balls of Fire) In an interview from US TV, Dennis Quaid talked about Jerry Lee Lewis teaching him to play the piano "like an Olympic event", Mr Hutchinson admitted he wouldn't go to see the movie for the music afterwards.

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