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Closing night film - 11/8/2007

This is England
Couldn't get any time off for the closing night party and was a bit meh with the whole thing last year any way.

Second last day - 11/8/2007

Saw the excellent Fido and then Tom Budge and the Good Time Band that night at the Festival Club.

On the home stretch - 9/8/2007

By this time in the festival I am usually very tired, but it seems having scheduled all my films in the first week has paid off. Saw the excellent Rock'n'Roll Outlaw and supporting short Blood Ballad.

The late show - 4/8/2007

Having a late supper is something I look forward to during the festival even more than some of the films. After watching Aachi & Ssipak I ended up walking around the city for almost an hour looking for a restaurant I thought was open, but when I couldn't find it I went for the old standby on Russel St (King of Kings) and had BBQ Pork on rice at 1.45am in the morning.

RRRRR! Hulk Smash! - 3/8/2007

I turned up to see the Dirty Three documentary and what I thought would be an easy enough line up, only to find there was no record of me of being booked and I had to get my ticket receipt printed out with the film listing before they would let me in. Even if it said another session, I definitely wanted to book this session and I shouldn't have to argue the point while I am waiting in line.

Cheering for choctops - 1/8/2007

Thanks to the Declan & Chris from the Art of the City in Beat magazine for printing the Black Sheep Q&A I sent them, although it might get me into trouble later (too late now!) Went to see Day Watch and didn't get home until late.

Ivan & the conspiracy - 30/7/2007

Went to see the Ivan Hutchison sessions at the festival club, the short The Mimis and the Waitame Conspiracy.

Black Snake Blues - 29/7/2007

Black Snake Moan the movie might have been very silly, but at least the Black Snake Blues gig afterwards made up for it.

Choc-tops mystery revealed! - 28/7/2007

As it turns out, some of the venues this year don't have freezers in the snack bar so they only get a delivery of choc-tops 1/2 an hour before the screening, which are promptly devoured by hungry cinephiles. With that out of the way Black Sheep was great as was the Q&A with the director afterwards.

Choco Churros - 27/7/2007

I had noticed Choco Churros place at Flinders St a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't had the chance to go. I needn't have bothered as the ones they gave me were cold and too greasy - bleurgh! Bunny Chow was good though.

It's an outrage! - 26/7/2007

Not the giant cocks and punk-rock bloodbath of Ex-Drummer, more the fact that they didn't have any choc-tops for sale at the Forum before the movie. Pah and double pah!

Mini Pass Acquired - 16/7/2007

That was quick and painless, mind you after FIVE YEARS (1) (2) (3) (4) (5), I would have a good system going.

The powers that be have finally decided to do away with that poxy box office at the corner of the Forum which has caused so much problems in the past (pre-sales upstairs, festival tickets inside.) What took so long with that anyway?

Great news for foodies want something to eat before a film, but don't want to pay the exorbitant prices at the festival club, I found this Spanish Tapas Bar in the alley beside the Forum (They do Churros! Woohoo!) and also a Nandos has opened a couple of doors down. The old Duke of Wellington pub across the road from the Forum is now closed unfortunately.

Also, I haven't confirmed it as yet, but it seems like there is not going to be a outside broadcast for Film Buff's forecast from the festival club this year which is strange. More details later.

Almost forgot! I am seeing these films so far:
Ex Drummer
Bunny Chow
Black Sheep
Black Snake Moan
Wartime Conspiracy
Day Watch
Dirty Three
Aachi & Ssipak
Rock'n'Roll Outlaw
This is England

First Entry - 14/7/2007

MIFF snuck up on me this year as I have been working and busy with other things. I still intend to buy a mini-pass, but I won't be able to take advantage of the bonus +3 as I can't take any time off this year.

I will also try and see some other movies here and there if I have the opportunity as I have the money to do so this year and don't have to be restricted as much in my viewing habits.

From last year I definitely know that the festival director will read this blog at some point and I look forward to buying Richard Moore a drink when I see him at the festival club at some point or another over the festival.

Films that look interesting from my first run through the program:
This is England (Closing Night, not going to the party this year though)
Inland Empire
Black Snake Moan & Blues gig afterwards
Mister Lonely
I Served the King in England
Day Watch
The Great World of Sound
Men at Work
El Topo
The Holy Mountain
A Few Days in September
London to Brighton
Ex Drummer
Honor de Cavelleria
The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark
Run, Rabbit, Run
In the Company of Actors
Searching 4 Sandeep + Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Erroll Flynn
Beauty Knows No Pain + Think of England
The Magnum Story I - Decisive Movies + The Magnum Story II - The Savage Years
Misery Loves Company
Someone to Run With
Black Rain
The Ballad of Naryama
Vengeance is Mine
Still Life
Exterminating Angels
The Wartime Conspiracy
Nomads Ex
Black Sheep
Aachi & Ssipak
Bunny Chow
Welcome to Nollywood + Menged
Manufacturing Dissent: Michael Moore and the Media
The War Tapes
Buy a Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film
4 Elements
Billy the Kid
The Armstrongs - The Movie
Con Man Confidential
The Cats of Mirikitani
Scott Walker - 30th Century Man
Dirty Three
Rock and Roll Outlaw
The Old Wierd America: Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music
The Island of Lost Souls

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