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Dirty Three (2007)

Dirty Three - Warren Ellis Director: Darcy Maine
Featuring: Warren Ellis, Mick Turner, Jim White, Dave Graney, Nick Cave, Bonnie Prince Billy, Cat Power

Tagline: It's a nice documentary...but


After seeing them live for the first time last year I have been a big fan of the Dirty Three ever since. Even though I only own two of their albums (Horse Stories and Live at Meredith), I still look forward to hearing any news about them.

The problem this documentary has is that even though it has twenty people interviewed talking about the band, they neglected to even have one full performance of one of their songs and they just teased throughout the film with snippets of concert footage. They could have easily cut a dozen or so minutes of blurry landscape footage and put one of their songs in. I am aware that there is a live DVD of the band coming out soon, but one live performance in an almost 100 minute documentary is not too much to ask.

Even with twenty people talking about the band, they don't really give you a sense of what it is really like to see them. I can't describe them either except to say that I learnt you can play a violin by screaming into at after seeing one of their gigs and that they are the patron saints of the failed marriage proposal (technically it was not, but if it is in your heart it still counts as one.)

My favourite part of the documentary was the animation of one of Warren's crazy song introductions involving the airplane, Lennard Sknnyrd, Fleetwood Mac and lots of weirdness and it is only one of the stories he tells.

Fred Negro at least got a cheer out of it when I told him that the band he played in "People with Chairs up their noses" was mentioned during the film. Hopefully there will be some live performance footage on the extras of the DVD or you could just wait and go see them live when they tour next.

Rating: 6/10

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