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Bunny Chow (2006)

Bunny Chow Director: John Barker
Starring: David Kibuuka, Kim Engelbrecht, Kagiso Lediga, Joey Yusuf Rasdien, Jason Cope, Keren Neumann, Tamsin van der Spuy, Darlington Michaels

Tagline: Quite a tasty dish...

Dave (David Kibuuka), Kags (Kagiso Lediga) and Joey (Joey Yusuf Rasdien) are three up and coming comedians in the Johannesburg comedy scene who are out to make it big and also have a good time.

Kags' girlfriend Kim (Kim Engelbrecht) is always fighting with him over his drinking and womanising, but he manages to win her back every time. As well as having cool hair, Joey is also having trouble with his girlfriend. Dave doesn't have a girlfriend and always strikes out with the ladies.

One weekend they get invited to perform at a festival and on the way they pick up Cope (Jason Cope), who annoys them so much they drive off on him. They get up to a lot of stuff at the festival and none of them will ever be the same afterwards, but in a good way.

Special mention must go to the supporting cast including Kim Engelbrecht (she's a boxer also!), Keren Neumann (Carla) and Tamsin van der Spuy (only a small role, but she looked so goddamned hot toting that shotgun!) Darlington Michaels as Bra Ben was also good in the movie but didn't get enough screen time.

While this film has been criticized for having annoying editing by some, I thought it was perfect for the audience they are aiming for and will do well in overseas market and gain a lot of exposure for the actors involved.

The actual Bunny Chow looked very good and I am sure a lot of people would want to try that dish out when they have the chance. It was also good to see a story from Africa that didn't involve genocide, gorillas, guerrillas, gangrene or gorgonzola for once!

Rating: 7/10

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