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Sticky Carpet (2006)

Director: Mark Butcher
Featuring: The Dirty Three, Cosmic Psychos, Roland S Howard, The
Birthday Party and many more...

Tagline: "We're good! We know we're fucking good!"

I was really looking forward to seeing this documentary as I have a
large interest in the local Melbourne music scene
( I also liked the introduction by Mark where
he warned people featured in the documentary not to get a big head. It
was also great that 3RRR, 3CR and 3PBS helped to get the screening at
ACMI as there were a lot of people who wanted to see it and the
screening sold out.

Despite some detractors who thought it would just be a Melbourne indie
circle-jerk, I thought it was really great. I hadn't heard of a lot of
the bands featured, but the whole documentary was about finding out
about great local bands you may not have heard of. There were quite a
few bands that I am now going to try and see after seeing the footage of
their live performances in this documentary (I was at the Cosmic Psychos
gig they showed.)

It is really like being in the Melbourne music scene as it was filmed
over the course of a year (with some archival footage from the 1980's)
and there is even a Fred Negro anecdote, making it the perfect Melbourne
music experience.

There were a lot of people interviewed, but it didn't seem like just
talking heads as there was always a good clip to look forward to. I also
enjoyed some of the surprises in the documentary like Klunk playing in a
drain, some bloke breaking glass over his head and the great performance
by The Stabs (ending with someone in the crowd yelling out "Idiots!")

While I liked this documentary, some of it was a bit rough and the
footage from the S11 protests in 2000 didn't really fit in with anything
else. The live footage does vary in quality, but I think it ads the to
the appeal of the documentary as the grainy video footage from the
1980's is a good contrast from the bright and sharp footage from more
recent gigs.

This is going to be a really popular documentary, but I don't know where
you will be able to see it unless it comes out on DVD or appears at some
upcoming film festivals. Hopefully with the premiere selling out, a lot
of people will spread the word about it and it will take off.

Rating: 8/10

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