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Spike Jonze Q&A

Saturday, 5th August 2006

As I knew this session was going to be popular, I arrived early, only to find I had to line up. It was the first lockout at festival club ever that I can remember. For some reason everyone had to be seated which was strange as it was OK for people to stand with Stephen Chow last year. Despite that Spike Jonze can also claim to be the Billy Graham of indie film making as he packed them in like the preacher at the MCG.

Nash Edgerton interviewed Spike Jonze and said that no one knew who directed music videos until he came along (or they didn't pay much attention to it.) The Beastie Boys 'Sabotage' video was the video that made everyone take notice.

Spike Jonze said he was introduced to musicians via a friend and learned the techniques from other people while working on videos.

He likes to colaborate with other people and has had the same small team working with him for the past 12 years.

He also likes that it is an honest team to work with, will tell him if he is doing something wrong.

Al Gore documentary screened (first time in Australia?)

How did he get involved with this project?
Asked to make commercials by the campaign directors.
Didn't know about politics and wanted to find out about Al Gore.
Took camera along with him to film the meeting, ended up traveling around with them.
Al Gore loved the film, but it didn't get shown widely.
Media was portraying Al Gore as 'stiff' in the campaign. Too many people wanted their say.
Says that Al Gore seems much better now he is liberated from politics and can speak his mind.

Do you like being able to do different things?
Yes. He does like to do something new and different.

Do you ever get scared working on a project.
Yes, all the time. He doesn't really like public speaking.

How do you know if something is good?
Just have to watch it to see.

How do you get people to be so comfortable with you?
Just need to be curious and interested in what they have to say.

I had to leave early at this point to go see the sold out screening of Great Yokai War.

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