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Small Station (2005)

Director: Ling Chein Ping

Tagline: Watching trains and life go by

The director introduced this movie and said it took three months to wait for the right schedule of trains on that line so they could film it and fifteen days to shoot. He also mentioned the film was based on a true story which I can relate to as I see a lot of people on public transport in Melbourne with no real place to go themselves.

Telling the story of a mother and her mentally challenged grown up son, they take the train to a small country station as he likes watching express trains by. When he yells out at one of the trains, the station master is upset and tells off his mother so they sit down and watch the next train.

I really enjoyed this short as there were some great characters, especially the station master who always stuck to the protcols for running the station, even though it was almost deserted and he even cleans up an already spotless yard.

I miss there not being any staff at the smaller suburban stations any more as at least you used to have someone to say hello to when you bought a ticket. I still remember the station master taking my Nana for a cup of tea to calm her down after she took the wrong train back from Dandenong market one time and missed her stop.

The setting is also great as the station that the story is set on a station right next to a forest on a mountainside in a remote part of Taiwan.

Rating: 8/10

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