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BUSTED! - Sunday, 13th August 2006

"Where do you want me to bite you?"
- James Hewison to me at the closing night party.

That's all folks for another year, before I do the reviews of the closing night films I just want to say that the festival did turn out better than I thought this year and that I wasn't really serious that I wanted James Hewison to actually bite me. All I wanted was a funny name for this blog and considering that he didn't know me from a bar of soap last year and this year the festival director actually looked at my webiste I think it went quite well.

The closing night party was strange as it was a very long and skinny venue with a hard to get to bar. I ended up just standing down the one end and waiting for Magic Dirt to come on. I didn't want to be dragging my camera around for the entire night so I didn't get any shots, also it was impossibly dark in that venue. Lots of other people did though so you are sure to see them around (flash blindness - ACK!)

Several people mistook me for someone involved in the film industry as they thought I looked well connected. As Johnny down the Pint says "if in doubt, say you are a producer as no one knows what they do."

As I couldn't find anyone else I knew at the party I ended up leaving (if you were there and I didn't say hello, you already know how crowded it was), with Julian Wu and his friend to go to the Supper Inn and get a taxi home. There were no pecking wars with crispy skin pidgeon heads this time. Thanks to Julian for splitting a cab with me on the way home and I hope he didn't have too hard a day at work the next day (all the people there would have been in the same boat at least.)

Closing night films:
The Desert
Suburban Mayhem

Saturday, 12th August 2006

Global Haywire

Wednesday, 9th August 2006

The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Seven Swords

Tuesday, 8th August 2006

Talking Pictures with Tsui Hark & Nansun Shi
The Host

Saturday, 5th August 2006

Spike Jonze Q & A
Great Yokai War

Friday, 4th August 2006

A Weekend in the Country: A History of the Meredith Music Festival (2006) and Q&A

Thursday, 3rd August 2006

Small Station
The Nine Lives of Korean Cinema
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

Wednesday, 2nd August 2006

Went to Fitzroy Shorts instead.

Tuesday, 1st August 2006

Royston Tan Shorts Programme

Monday, 31st July 2006

Funky Forest - The First Contact (2005)

Saturday, 29th July 2006

Off The Record/Film Buff's Forecast
Robbie 'Rocket' Watts Benefit

Friday, 28th July 2006

Midnight Movies - From the Margin to the Mainstream (2005)

Thursday, 27th July 2006

Normally I don't get sick until at least a couple of weeks into the festival, this year I decided to save time and be sick already. I was still recovering from last night's gig at the Spot and waking up at 4.30am with an enormous headache in my eye. I was fine when I got up though, apart from my head being stuffed up.

Before the first session at ACMI, I saw some of the 45 minute loop "Cleans, Whitens & Brightens" of old Australian TV advertisements from the 1950s to the 1970s for the TV50 exhibition. It was so good I almost considered staying to watch it and missing my film, my favourites where Frank Thring's ad and this jingle:
Brylcream, a little dab'll do ya,
Brylcream, you'll look so debonaire,
Brylcream, the gals will all pursue ya
Simply rub a little in your hair

Session 1:
Funny Pets - Flight
Funny Pets - Ghost
The Great Happiness Space - Tale of an Osaka Love Thief

Session 2:
Election 2

Having never been to the Regent I was looking forward to seeing what it was like from the inside. It is a great venue even sitting down in the stalls. I recommend looking up as they turn on the lights at the end of the film to see the big chandelier. Also recommended is buying your snacks from "Frank Thring's Lollies & Things"

Bollywood Fight Club - 19/7/2006

Having purchased my mini pass for the festival, I now have little to do but wait for the festival next week (I don't want to spend all my money and then have to scratch for the rest of the month.) As I had to wait for a bus at the Dandenong train station last Saturday, I decided to check out the Indian stores near the station and came away with a copy of Disco Dancer and the Bollywood version of Fight Club I have heard about.

Preliminary timetable now up - 11/7/2006

The hardest part of any festival is deciding what not to see, I undertook this task over the past few days and came up with a prelimary timetable.

A shortlist is supposed to be short, isn't it? - 8/7/2006

Hunt Angels
Global Haywrire
A Weekend in the Country: A History of the Meredith Music Festival
Detour De France
The Wild Blue Yonder
A Prarie Home Companion
The Cave of the Yellow Dog
A Scanner Darkly
McDull, The Alumni
The Host
Seven Swords
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
Election 2
A Bittersweet Life
The Short Films of Royston Tan
Perhaps Love
The Great Yokai War
Linda Linda Linda
Funky Forest: The First Contact
Workingman's Death
TV Junkie
The Great Happiness Space - Tale of an Osaka Love Thief
Al Franken: God Spoke
9 Square Meters for Two
Cocaine Cowboys
William Eggleston in the Real World
The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic
Midnight Movies: From the Margin to the Mainstream
The Nine Lives of Korean Cinema
The Pervert's Guide to Cinema
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and enjoy it)
American Hardcore
From Shetl to Swing

I now have the task of culling this list down to 10 films with 3 bonus features. Some will remain on backup in case I change my mind or don't like the way the schedule works out. No 5pm sessions after 9pm sessions this year or 11am starts after midnight screenings this year. I really have to do a festival where all the films I see are the ones with warnings about 'scenes that offend some viewers'.


First look through the program, I could find newer films in the DVD stores in Chinatown. Have some reading to do none the less. Busy weekend coming up, will post more later.

No Ernesto Corpus this year - 5/7/2006

Due to some stupid athletics competition and related activities earlier in the year, Melbourne City Council has cut funding to the festival for this year. This means that Ernesto Corpus will not be performing his popular live score to accompany a classic silent movie. He will be missed and I was hoping to say hello to him this year.

I expect there will be other cuts this year also, but this was the one I was most concerned about.

Zinda Blows! - 30/6/2006

Like cars slowing down to rubber-neck at the scene of an accident, I felt drawn towards the Bollywood remake of Oldboy, Zinda. Do not do it to yourself. Even buying a pirated version is bad as someone makes money off it.

First Entry! - 29/6/2006

I have decided to do something a bit different this year and just go with an easily updatable blog format to save the trouble of having to update different pages as I post the reviews.

First order of business concerns the preview email I received the other day with several "World Premieres" listed, my arse they are world premieres! Monkey Love (listed as 'Direct from Cannes'), has already screened at Fitzroy Shorts and I have seen Sticky Carpet myself (it has even been on tour.)

It is going to be a close-run thing as to whether I will actually buy a mini pass this year. If the films I want to be on the program are not there, I might just say stuff it and go to just a couple of sessions while buying the DVDs I want off YesAsia (The King and the Clown Box set looks great!.)

Fitzroy Shorts next Wednesday 5th July:

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