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Global Haywire (2006)

Director: Bruce Petty
Starring: Robin Niven, Barry Otto, Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Robert Fisk

Tagline: If this wasn't a cartoon you wouldn't believe it

Essentially a political lecture, this movie attempts to explain the current situation of the world and in particular how relations between the Middle East and the West became so bad. One of the theories it puts forth that 9/11 was also an attempt to grab the wheel of an already out of control system.

What makes this different from the usual left-wing tirades you ignore from your friends and cross the street to avoid Green Left Weekly spruikers is that this story is animated and engaging. Starting in the 14th century, we follow "Vince" and his designing a "freedom machine" with the help of his offsider Mona.

Centuries later and a council of Global Haywire is convened to find out what went wrong with it. The council is composed of animated characters, important persons from history and moderated and recorded by real people (or at least they think they are real.) These segements are intercut with opinions from many well known writers, political thinkers, journalists and students.

I really like the animation style of Bruce Petty as I have enjoyed his previous work. He shows that you don't have to draw perfect lines for something to have character and be fun to watch. There is also a lot of live action footage, multimedia montages and title cards in this film which can make it confusing sometimes.

This film is really aimed at students of political history and geopolitics and people who already have some of these views as I can't see it changing anyone's mind. There was a lot of laughter from the screening audience during some scenes and predictable tut-tutting, but it wasn't as annoying this time.

This film would be best seen on television in a prime time slot on SBS or on a Sunday afternoon on the ABC. I am sure it will also be popular on DVD with people who are interested in studying politics.

Rating: 8/10

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