It's all in good fun!

Funny Pets - Flight (2005)

Director: Ryuji Masuda

In this super cute animated short we meet two aliens Corona (Michico Furutani) and Crescent (Atushi Ishino) who look like the sun and moon respectively and their bimbo owner Funny (Haruka Igawa).

They are going for a ride in a balloon when Funny turns on the gas too high and it explodes. Plummeting towards the ground, Corona and Crescent try to find a way out of the mess while Funny is oblivious to the situation.

I normally don't like computer animation as it is too polished and unrealistic. In this case it is different as the character designs are great and you get the sense of an entire world in which the characters exist.

There is no real dialog, but the characters make funny sounds and they are a lot of amusing situations with Crescent being on the receiving end of some punishment.

Rating: 8/10

Funny Pets - Ghost (2005)

Director: Ryuji Masuda

When Crescent chokes on an apple his ghost tries to alert Funny and Corona to the fact that he has died, but they both ignore him. He has almost given up hope when Corona drags him in for dinner and Funny spanks his lifeless corpse for not eating, bringing him back to life.

I know you are probably not meant to watch these shorts back to back, but I liked this one as much as the last. I am looking forward to seeing the one with Funny and the pastel pink chainsaw that we see in the end credits.

Rating: 8/10


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