It's all in good fun!

Funky Forest - The First Contact (2005)

Directed/Written/Edited by: Katsuhito Ishii, Hajime Ishimine, Shin'ichiro Miki
Starring: Tadanobu Asano, Andrew Alfieri, Ryo Case, Hideaki Anno

Tagline: Bow before the volume control in my pants!

I had planned a normal review of this movie, but somehow after watching the film I ended up with a notebook full of nonsense and rough sketches of what I had failed to adequately describe in words, so I'll scrap that plan.

If you approach this film expecting a linear narrative or even to make sense, it will test your patience and your wits. Just go along with it and you will have a great time, preferably with a group of friends after drinking a lot.

There are some excellent characters in the various shorts such as the Mole Brothers, Little Hatakuri, The Unpopular with Women Brothers, GUITAR BROTHER (Tadanobu Asano), Bubbling Hot Spring Vixens, Natti & Takefumi, Alien Piko-Riko and many others.

The parts I liked the best were the really strange scenes such as Takefumi's dream with the giant speakers on the beach and dance sequences, the giant yellow Tellytubby-esque creature with a giant reverse tail, and the strange alien wind instruments.

If this sort of thing interests you it would be best just to watch it and see how it works out. Do not watch the trailer as you will actually end up knowing less about the film - Snickers me!

Rating: 8/10

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