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Off The Record/Film Buff's Forecast at 2006 Melbourne International Film Festival

Saturday, 29th July 2006

This is my fourth year in a row I have been to see the RRR FM outside broadcast on the first Saturday morning of the festival and it is definitely worth the effort of getting up early, even if I had been up late the night before.

Special guest for Off the Record including Chris Wilson & Shannon Bourne, Mark Butcher (director of Sticky Carpet) and Mick Harvey (who did the music for two films in the festival.)

Film Buff's Forecast had a big lineup, although strangely no James Hewison. Guests on the show were Daniel Debecki (producer of Thank You for Smoking), Murali K Thalluri (director of 2.37), Dan Jones (director of Detour De France), Amy Berg (directory of Deliver Us From Evil) and Alkinos Tsilmidos (director of Em 4 Jay).

David Stratton stopped by for his usual chat and revealed that he was a movie pirate out of necessity as some early Hollywood films are too hard to get.

For some reason the broadcast seemed to go a lot quicker this year and they barely managed to fit everyone on the shows. After the broadcast I went home to get an hour's sleep and go out again to the Robbie Rocket Benefit at the Corner.

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