The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Paul: This scientific discovery could greatly advance the field of science!
Betty: If I wanted to live a safe life, I wouldn't have married a man who studies rocks.
Kro-Bar: Quickly! Let us fold in the middle!
Lattis: Our society abandoned messes aeons ago!
Dr Flemming: *evil laugh that goes on for far too long*
Animalia: ROWR!
Skeleton: I SLEEP NOW!
Ranger: I hope someone needs my ranger skills!

This movie is a 50's sci-fi movie parody where all the actors are deliberately over-eager and continue to scream or react much longer than is necessary. The main story concerns a scientist (Paul) who is looking for a meteor made of Atmospherium with his wife (Betty).

Also in the area is Dr Flemming who is looking for the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra for his own sinister purposes. He meets the ranger who gives him directions to a mysterious cave.

That night in cabin deep in the woods Paul and Betty see another meteor land which excites Paul. The second meteor is actually a spaceship containing Kro-Bar and Lattis whose space ship crash landed and their mutant escapes. They also need atmospherium to power their vehicle.

Dr Flemming finds the Skeleton in the cave who tells him to find some Atmospherium so he can live again. In a strange coincidence Paul and Betty find the meteor and Dr Flemming decides to go after it.

Kro-Bar and Lattis go to the cabin to try and get the Atmospherium, but decide to disguise themselves as Earth-people with their Transmutator (which they had brought along to catch their mutant.) They decide to leave it laying around outside and Dr Flemming uses it to turn four different forest animals into Animalia so he doesn't turn up alone. Animalia is a really great character as she wears a black bodysuit and makes animal noises all the time, she is also a great dancer.

My favourite part of the movie is when the four visitors are trying to convince Paul and Betty they are normal. Much hilarity ensues after this with "walking" skeletons and evil plans involving the Atmospherium. This is the perfect film to show at a late screening as they did and I deliberately had a lot to drink beforehand so I would enjoy it much more.

I loved who the sense of humour of the film extended to the titles (it was shot in "Skeletorvision") and the production (in cheesy black and white) of the movie. I even managed to learn some science from it, holy crap!