The Green Butchers

The uptight Svend and angry-looking Bjarne are assistant butchers for Holger who is famous for his deer sausages. He also has some strange views on why his sausages are so good, but as you might like to eat sausages again in the future I won't share them with you.

Svend manages to convince Bjarne to open a shop with him, but in order to get the money Bjarne must get the money left to him in his parent's inheritance. He visits the sanatorium where his twin brother Eilger has been kept alive on life support for the last seven years to tell them to turn it off.

Things don't go too well on their first day as Svend drives his fiancée away with his complaining and they have no customers. On his way out that night, Svend forgets that an electrician is working in the cold store and shuts the door on him - the man is working wearing headphones so he didn't notice.

The next morning he is shocked to discover the body in the cool room, but he is even more surprised when his old boss Holger turns up and wants some meat for his BBQ right now. Bjarne is woken up by a phone call and arrives at the shop to find the body hanging in the freezer - minus a leg!

While there have been other movies dealing with the same topic, not many have been played as a comedy. This movie is part of a special program of Scandinavian films at the festival. I decided to see it as one of my favourite films from last year (Kops) was from the same region.

While Svend and Bjarne are two strange characters, the supporting cast is great also. The love interest Astrid is understanding, but acts realistically in the situation. Eilger is believable as the impaired brother of Bjarne. Holger the butcher and the priest are more weird, but fit their roles. Although a lot of people end up in the freezer, they are only minor characters so you don't get to know them very well, or are they?