Tamala 2010 - A Punk Cat in Space

Don't say hello to this kitty!

In the year 2010 on CatEarth, a one year old cat named Tamala wakes up and walks through the city (ignoring the giant rampaging Colonel Sanders look-alike) and blasts off in her rocket ship.

Even though she looks adorable, Tamala has the biggest potty mouth and is a very naughty girl. Although she wants to go to the Constellation of Orion, she ends up on Planet Q and meets the cat Michelangelo who she keeps calling "Moi Moi".

Unlike CatEarth, Planet Q is in turmoil with the cats fighting the Dog government for control. Behind everything is the mysterious all powerful CATTY corporation that has links in ancient religion from 3500 BC (Before Cats.)

The animation style is very stylised, with most of the scenes being in black and white (with splashes of colour) and also CGI dream sequences. Don't be fooled by the cute style however, there is some very adult material shown here (the Hieronmous Cat scene for instance.)

Another thing that was great about this movie were the strange characters. Tamala herself was really funny - smoking, drinking, running into sliding glass doors and kicking children amongst other things. Some other interesting characters were the Zombie Cat, Slave Mouse and the Gay Sadist Leatherman Police dog.

The movie is best when Tamala is on screen, as it loses the plot a bit later on. No doubt this movie will spawn heaps of merchandising (hopefully not with the CATTY logo on it.) It would be a shame if Tamala wasn't picked up for another movie too as she is really great.