Off the Record/Film Buff's Forecast

RRR FM Outside Broadcast

As this was a highlight of last year's festival I decided to get their early so I could see both shows. I got there a bit early so I had to stand out the front with the rest of the audience and Dave Graney who couldn't get in either.

Off the Record

This is usually the first thing I listen to on a Saturday so it was good to see it live and see the artists play on it who included Chris Wilson & Shannon Bourne and Marshall Crenshaw who ended the show.

Dave Graney and Claire Moore were interviewed concerning a film Dave is in at the festival called "Live from London : The Moodists" it was a very entertaining interview.

The two hours for this show seemed to fly by as they were also playing the same amount of music as they usually do.

Film Buff's Forecast

This is the third year in a row I have been to see the outside broadcast of Film Buff's forecast at the festival. Even though this year I had to miss some movies that really looked good it still was worth going. (I wasn't really up to going to any of the early sessions anyway.)

It was a very busy show with guests only having seven minutes each (it started to run over in some segments when the host got onto how much he hates Baz Luhrmann.)

Festival director James Hewison was up first, but as he was very busy I didn't have the chance to bend his ear over the problems with the festival box office.

Some of the more interesting guests included Christopher Doyle (Australian Hong Kong cinematographer) who looked almost exactly the as he does in the movie "Comrades, Almost a Love Story", Pen-ek Ratanaruang (famous director from Thailand), Joe Berlinger (the director/producer of "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster") and Chris Heywood.

The crowd favourite for the show was Robert McKee (who the actor in the movie Adaptation was playing.) He got along well with the host as he hates Baz Luhrmann and Moulin Rouge as well. I reckon they should have just had him on the show for two hours. It was a great effort from him to appear as he just flew into Melbourne this morning.

There were several give-aways over the two shows including a Mini-Pass that I helped some people win (I've already got one) when I saw them struggling with the program to find the film Dave Graney is in. It turned out they are from the Fitzroy Shorts night so I got a free pass to that, which was nice.