My MIFF 2004 Timetable

Time Film/Event Name Venue ID#
Thursday, 22nd July
12.45PM The Five Venoms Village 1001
5pm Pure Shit Forum 2003

Friday, 23rd July
12.45PM The Heroic Ones Village 1006

Saturday, 24th July
10am Off the Record - RRR FM live Outside Broadcast Festival Club at the Forum -
12pm Film Buff's Forecast - RRR FM live Outside Broadcast Forum -
11.15pm The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra Capitol 5018

Monday, 26th July
7pm The Green Butchers Greater Union 3028

Wednesday 28th July
7pm Lightning in a Bottle Village 1038

Thursday 29th July
Keeping this night free for shows at the Town Hall

Friday 30th July
Jeff Lang & GIT at the Corner Hotel

Saturday 31st July
11pm Battle Royale II : Requiem Capitol 5057

Sunday 1st August
5pm Badasssss! Village 1061

Tuesday 3rd August
9pm The Avdenture of Iron Pussy ACMI 4073

Wednesday 4th August
1pm Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat from Space Forum 2074
9.15pm Old Boy Village 1078

Friday 6th August
11.30pm Dragon Head Village 1089

Saturday 7th August
7pm Breaking News Forum 2094

Sunday 8th August
7.30pm Ong Bak Village 1101