MIFF Film Trivia Quiz

This sounded like it would be a lot of fun and it did turn out so.

Hamish and Andy were quite good hosts I thought. Although there were prizes on offer for the audience, the celebrity panellists were just there to have a good time (their prize was a pair of Hulk Hands.)

The people on the panel were John Saffran, Jonathan Alley, Madelline West and Steven Curry. Strangely the main contest ended up being between Johnathan and Steven. John was too slow off the buzzer and Madelline didn't even try.

Not trying is not something you would accuse the audience of, they jumped up like they had an electric shock up their backside. Particularly funny was the person who answered a long "Who am I" question by just hearing the date the person died.

I had two goes at answering a question. For each one you got right you were given a playing card that would put you in the draw for the final playoff round for a DVD recorder.

It was a fun event, but it would have been more enjoyable if I had taken someone with me. (Maybe next year.)

After the quiz John Saffran told me why my part had to be cut from his new show (I already new it, but not the specific reason.)

After this I had about a two hour wait for my first film of the day. I also got a bag with some posters and other stuff for answering a question in the quiz.