The Adventure of Iron Pussy

Gayer than Gay Batman!

Iron Pussy is a secret agent drag queen who is actually a mild mannered 7-11 clerk. Along with her faithful (although jealous) sidekick and motorbike driver Pew she travels the countryside and helps pretty young women fight back against sleazy men.

While paying her respects at the Buddhist temple, she meets the Thailand Prime Minister who wants her to take on a special mission. This is followed by an entertaining musical interlude with all the ministers dancing along.

As part of her mission, Iron Pussy has to go undercover as a maid Lamuda at the castle of a rich socialite. While she is working there, she gets to know her son Tang and falls for him. All as not as it seems however, as the fiancée of the rich socialite is actually a drug smuggler who Iron Pussy was sent into find.

After a dancing through the Marijuana plantation and singing another song with Tang, there is a big party and Lamuda has to fill in for the singer. The socialite is impressed with her performance and offers to take her hunting the next day. On the hunt while the rest of the party is eating Jackfruit, Lamuda saves Tang from a Tiger, then confronts him about the drug smuggling, but is tricked and tied to a tree. Will she escape before the tiger's mate comes?

While not gut-busting-ly funny, this movie has enough laughs to keep you giggling all the way through. I found it a bit strange that even though the main character was mean to have great fighting skills, she doesn't use them for most of the movie.

Also great is the deliberate cheesiness in the production. For example when people are tied up, their hands are really just holding onto loops of rope they could easily get out of. My favourite sequence in the movie was the "crying montage" by the socialite (everyone laughed when someone cried in this movie.)

Iron Pussy is a great character and I hope to see more of her in the future. Hopefully in the next one they will give Pew a bigger role than just being jealous and getting shot at. He has a great red silk motorbike jacket with a sequinned "69" on the back.