My MIFF 2003 Timetable

ID# Film/Event Name Time Venue
24th July
1004 American Splendor 7pm Village

26th July
- Film Buff's Forecast - Live RRR FM O/B 12-2pm Festival Club
- Politically Animated: Animation vs Cartoons 4.00PM Festival Club
1015 Come Drink With Me 5.00PM Village

28th July
2026 The Star 3pm Forum

29th July
3032 Contraptions 5.15pm Greater Union
2034 Yesterday 9.30pm Forum

31st July
2040 Kops 1pm Forum

1st August
5050 Parasite Dolls 11.15pm Capitol

2nd August
4053 Breath Control - The History of the Human Beatbox 3pm ACMI

3rd August
1062 Infernal Affairs 7pm Village

8th August
2085 My Life as McDull 3.30pm Forum
1089 Mercano the Martian 11.00PM Village

9th August
- Fu Fighters: Armed and Dangerous 4pm Festival Club
4095 MC5: A True Testimonial 9pm ACMI
1096 Save the Green Planet! 11pm Village