As seen at the Melbourne International Film Festival, 31st July

Yes that IS a gun in my pocket!

If Police Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons ever made a movie it would turn out like this film. The film begins with Jacob, a police officer in a small rural town in Sweden being rejected by a woman he has met through a personals ad.

Life back the police station is rather slow, the biggest thing they have to deal with is some grannies cheating at cards when they play them and the occasional stray cow.

We also meet the rest of the team from the police station including a husband and wife who argue all the time, Benny who fantasies about being a tough cop (leading to some of the funniest scenes), the station secretary and his little dog Dick.

When Jacob goes out to meet a woman from another personals ad, he meets Jessica instead who he gets along with really well. The next day much to his surprise, she turns out to be the official who has been sent out to close their station down due to lack of crime in their town.

After Jacob takes out his frustration on a roadside garbage bin and the other police report it as a crime, Jacob hatches a scheme to bolster the crime statistics and keep the station open.

This is the funniest film I have seen in the festival this year. I haven't laughed so much due to the one scene since Steven Chow was beaten up again and again by the 18 Bronze Men of Shaolin in God of Cookery. It was a good thing this film had subtitles as you couldn't hear it through the laughing much of the time.

For those of you who are sick of the whole "bullet time" shenanigans from the Matrix and other films, then this film provides the perfect send up of these sorts of set-piece action pieces - including added "thrusting" for macho effect.

I really hope SBS TV in Australia picks it up so it gets a wider audience as I think it would get a great reception and World Movies could use some of the scenes from it to promote their movie channel.