MIFF Preparation

I walked into the box office next to the Forum theatre to the sight of a ticket printer going like an old fashioned stock-ticker, it would continue printing for at least 10 minutes. Later I was to find out that these were the tickets for just one person!

Also interesting is the pizza oven in the box office (the area they are using used to be a cafe), so at least the box office staff can cook themselves dinner if they take down the t-shirts that are hanging up in front of it.

If you plan to buy tickets before the festival at the box office, be prepared to wait as the subscribers and film buffs will be ordering their tickets. This takes quite a while as I found out. If you are the impatient type I recommend ordering over the phone or the festival website (http://www.melbournefilmfestival.com.au - be warned that it's a bit slow on dialup.)

The location of the festival club this year (Forum Theatre), is a bit strange as it is a bit far away from the other venues. I doubt I will be running between there and the cinemas (I only did it a couple of times last year.)

As with last year I separated my tickets by date into different envelopes so I could just pick up the one I need on the day. Yes I did see Cinemania last year (it was one of my favourite films of the festival), why do you ask?