MIFF 2003 Program

I picked up the MIFF 2003 program on Friday morning and spent most of the weekend reading it and working out what films to see.

The following is a list of films that look interesting:
Buffalo Soldiers
American Splendor
Broken Wings
Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself
The Man of the Year
Jonny Vang
The Star
The Honourable Wally Norman
Hired Assassins
Internal Affairs
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance
Save the Green Planet!
Chinese Odessy 2002
Come Drink with Me
Shaolin Soccer
Interstella 5555
Human Contraptions
Parasite Dolls
Mercano the Martian
My Life as McDull
Wallace & Gromitt's Cracking Contraptions
MC5 : A True Testimonial
The Howlin' Wolf
Breath Control : The History of the Human Beatbox
Golden Lemons
Warp: Film For Music
Stoked - The Rise and Fall of Gator
The Other Final
The Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adam's Appalachia
Frazetta: Painting With Fire
Animation Shorts Program 1 & 2

Forums I will be attending:
Film Buff's Forecast - RRR FM Live Outsite Broadcast
Politically Animated: Animation vs Cartoons
Fu Fighters: Armed and Dangerous

Interestingly this is about the number of films I actually saw last year. Whether that says anything about the films in this year's festival I have yet to see. They do seem to be a lot more serious this year though.