MIFF - 1st August 2003


As this movie is ages old, I'll just review the improvised score that was played on the grand organ in the town hall which has 10,000 pipes in it.

I think the score came up really well and suited the movie, with only some parts that sounded a bit corny. You have to remember that this film really only looks corny due to all the other Dracula movies that have came out since it was released.

Still it was a good experience and something different to see a film with a live soundtrack. It must have been great to see all the silent films when they all had someone playing the organ on the soundtrack in the theatre.

As it was still early we went down to the Festival Club and met some other people that I knew. After a while Bill Hunter & Mick Malloy turned up. It was funny to see Mick try and hit on the first woman he saw.

Parasite Dolls

Set in the same universe as the Bubblegum Crisis 2040 series, this movie (actually several episodes of a TV series) has much stronger characters and a harder edge to the story.

I liked the fact that the main character had a "Boomer" (a synthetic person like in Blade Runner) for a partner even though he doesn't like them much as it added more to the story.

The woman of their team who flies the helicopter was also very good, especially in the story about the boomer called Eve. I liked the reference to the previous series "not all A.D. police wear body armour!"

There is an excellent twist to this story, giving the series an explosive finale which you would not expect.

I think this would be a great series for SBS TV to screen on Saturday nights (someone else at the screening said "are you nuts!" when I suggested it - it was probably the scene with the baddie and what he does to the boomer he is having sex with on his desk while talking to someone else.)