Pre-Festival Preparations

I have been planning for this year's Melbourne International Film Festival since March when I decided to put some money aside to buy a "Festival Passport" that is valid for all sessions except the opening and closing nights. Somewhere along the line I also decided to take time off work so I could see as many films as possible during the festival.

Once the Festival program was released on July 13th this year I spent many hours reading it and working out which films I was interested in before going to buy my Festival Passport.

What took the longest was working out the schedule for all the films I am going to see during the festival. Of the 81 films I was interested in, I managed to work out a screening schedule to see 51 of them and I booked session tickets for 18 of these as they were weekend sessions that I thought would sell out.

During the week I plan to pick up session tickets for each day's screenings depending on if I have anything else planned for the day. (I may be going away during my holidays also.)

For the week before the festival I have been pretty busy with work, but I have had the opportunity to pick up some supplies to take along with me to the screenings such as some Hot Tapioca Chips, a big bag of cashews (they were a bit expensive I thought), crunchy Wasabi Peas and a big bottle of water. I am also planning on taking a few sandwiches to my screenings during the day so I don't end up eating take-away every day.