My MIFF 2000 Timetable

ID# Film/Event Name Time Venue
24th July
2001 Sound of Brazil 12.45PM Capitol
2003 Devils Playground 5.00PM Capitol
1004 Donnie Darko 7.00PM Village

25th July
2006 You Shoot, I Shoot 1.00PM Capitol
2007 Mothers of Life 3.00PM Capitol
4008 Animation Shorts Programme 1 5.15PM Greater Union

26th July
*2011 Nabi: The Butterfly 1.00PM Capitol
*2012 Looking for Bruce Lee 3.00PM Capitol
*3013 Dirt 5.00PM Forum
*1015 Musa: The Warrior 9.00PM Village
*1016 Planet of the Cannibals 11.45PM Village

27th July
*4020 Good Rockin' Tonight : The Legacy of Sun Records 5.00PM Greater Union
*1023 Dead or Alive 11.30PM Village

28th July
*4028 Cinemania 7.00PM Greater Union

29th July

30th July

31st July
4044 Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine in Daekaroh 9.00PM Greater Union

1st August

2nd August
*1053 Volcano High 7.00PM Village
*2054 Avalon 9.00PM Capitol
*1055 The Princess Blade 11:00PM Village

3rd August
*4059 The What If Man/Black Chicks Talking 5.00PM Greater Union
*4061 Iggy Pop : Live at the A Venue B 9:15PM Greater Union
*2062 Dead or Alive 2 : Birds 11.30PM Capitol

4th August
4066 The Backyard 5.15PM Greater Union
4067 James Ellroy's Feast of Sex and Death 7.00PM Greater Union
4068 Mau Mau Sex Sex 8.45PM Greater Union

5th August
4072 The Skewed World of Phil Mulloy 2 7.00PM Greater Union

6th August
2075 Getting My Brother Laid 3.00PM Capitol
1077 Volcano High 7.00PM Village

7th August
3081 Film Ist 7-12 5.15PM Forum
3082 Secret Ballot 7.15PM Forum
3083 Happiness of the Katakuris 9.15PM Forum

8th August
4087 Hell House 7.00PM Greater Union
4088 Erol Morris Prog. 3 8.40PM Greater Union

9th August
*2094 A Tree of Palme 11.30PM Capitol

10th August
*1095 Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I put a spell on me 11.00AM Village
*4096 Fortress Australia 1.00PM Greater Union
*1098 One Hour Photo 4.45PM Village

11th August
*3106 Take Care of My Cat 7.00PM Forum
* - Already booked