MIFF Day 3 - 26th July 2002

02:36 27/07/02

The first film that I saw today was Nabi : The Butterfly which was a Korean sci-fi film about an 'oblivion virus'. Some people might have been confused by the 'sci-fi' tag but it's perfectly normal for a sci-fi story to have a plot device as the only thing that is made up about it.

That said it was more of a drama than anything else and it did tend to drag on a bit towards the end. I also was a bit annoyed with some of the shaky camerawork as it let the film down somewhat.

After doing the quick turn-around for the next session as I did yesterday, the next short was a film called Seven Chocolates which demonstrated why it's not a good idea to upset someone's routine. I liked it as it was short and sweet and the way they used colour was interesting.

Looking for Bruce Lee was next, a high energy documentary/drama/comedy about a Korean punk band called Crying Nut. What I liked most about it was the energy which seemed to come from the music and the performances of the band members. (It reminded me a bit of You Shoot, I Shoot.)

My favourite character in the film was the security guard in the financial building as he was so intense, I wish they had given him more than two scenes though.

What was also interesting about this film was that it was in part a documentary on the city of Seoul and they tended to insert interview footage randomly throughout the film. There were also some weird 'arty' moments (I liked the one about the extra on the cross though.)

Some people may just see it as a drawn out music video for the band, but I thought it was very interesting. (There are a couple of Australian bands I think could do a good job of making a film.)

I also had my first brush with fame seeing John Saffran and Tony Wilson picking up tickets at the Capitol box office (this was after I had heard them talking about what they had seen already so I sort of expected it.)

My first film at the Forum theatre for the festival was a very funny US film called Dirt where Junior and Scooter have to find a replacement Momma. It reminded me a bit of Razing Arizona, but it had more characters and funny situations.

My favourite part of this film was the 'regular' bank robbery where the two protagonists greeted all the staff by name and chatted with the security guard. This film is likely to get general release soon so it will be fairly easy to see after the festival finishes.

For dinner I decided to have something other than sandwiches for only the second time in 3 days. I went to an excellent food court under the All Seasons Welcome Hotel in Flinders Lane as they have a "Hawker Style" setup (with about 7 different varieties of Asian food.) I had noticed the sign a while ago and stuck my head down the stairs to have a look the other day so I decided to have dinner there tonight.

Musa : The Warrior was a big Korean epic about a diplomatic mission from Korea captured by the Chinese and exiled to the desert. The rest of the story covers their struggle to get home. A very epic tale, but very violent in parts (the bloke with the spear does the most of it.)

Some of the best battle scenes I have seen for quite a while also, but I could have done without people laughing during them (I know it was meant to be 'surprised' laughter.)

This film reminded me of a cross between two Hong Kong films - The Blade and Dragon Inn, as the Blade has similar violence and Dragon Inn has the seige between two unmatched parties.

The last film I saw today was a bit of a challenge, mainly because they showed the wrong print and it didn't have subtitles (over half the audience left). It was Planet of the Cannibals from Germany.

From what I could understand about the movie it had a version of "Who Wants to be a Millionare" where you got killed for giving the wrong answer (makes the term "lifeline" really mean something.)

There was also a conspiracy plot about someone getting killed and some aliens. What I liked about the film was the music, the locations that looked really futuristic and at the end they had the characters say which role they played.