MIFF Day 13 - 5th August 2002

Today was another quiet day today as there was only one session that I went to called The Skewed World of Phil Mulloy program 2. The reason I wanted to go see these films is that I remember watching them on a show called Eat Carpet and really enjoying them.

The films are animated with a very distinctive black and white style with some splashes of colour. What I also liked was that the characters either spoke gibberish or nonsensical phrases such as "Brain's Gone" or "Come back to Daddy!".

The first selection of films was called The Ten Commandments which was a twisted retelling of the famous biblical laws. The emphasis was more on humour but the films do still carry a strong message. My favourite of these was the tenth one "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife" which has a man changing places with a dog so he can be pampered by the next door neighbour's wife (with strange consequences.)

The next two films were a lot longer. Intolerance and Intolerance II was a moral tale that told the story of the planet of ZOG and a film about their lifestyle that has found it's way to Earth and the consequences from it's showing. There where a lot of funny moments in these films but they still had a strong message.