MIFF Day 17 - 9th August 2002

02:16 10/08/02

Now that it is getting towards the end of the festival I have seen most of the sessions I want to see so I decided to go to Scienceworks today on the other side of the city.

As the movie didn't start until late I also dropped into the Greyhound Hotel to see Shonkytonk play a few songs.

The movie I saw tonight was A Tree of Palme which is set in a fantasy world where Palme (who is a lot like Pinnochio) has been given a mission to return a capsule to the mysterious Soma.

Along the way he meets Mu and Pu two children in a big settlement and Sattaka, a boy from 'the underground'. At first the others don't know that Palme is not a real boy, but after finding out they are forced to flee as there are people looking for him.

A very lush fantasy world is presented in this film which reminded me somewhat of Princess Mononoke but more futuristic in some sections. The music is also excellent and seems to go from fully orchestral through to single middle eastern instruments and back again.

Some of the animation looks almost real moving pictures and it is excellently combined with more traditional animation.

An excellent film and a good example of the fantasy genre in Japanese Animation.