MIFF Day 19 - 11th August 2002

The last day of MIFF was another quiet day for me. I had arranged to see a movie at the festival with two different people but they both cancelled at the last minute.

My last movie for the festival was Take Care of My Cat which is a coming of age film about 5 girls who are best friends and what happens to them after they finish high school.

The story begins a year after the girls finish their secondary education on the day of the eldest of the group's birthday. They all give their friend a present including a cute kitten, who is later given back when the girl decides it is too much trouble to look after.

As the film progresses we see the different lifestyles of the girls and their attempts to keep in touch while living further appart. I liked the realistic use of Mobile phones and SMS throughout the film as it is something you do not see much in other films. (I have seen it in Hong Kong films though.)

While some would deride this film as a 'chick flick' it was good to see a film about friendship and it was a nice change from all the violent Korean films I have seen throughout the festival.