MIFF Day 14 - 6th August 2002

I should have expected that more shows would sell out towards the end of the festival, but I didn't think the animation shorts program would be so popular - I guess the people who saw the first program wanted to see the rest of the 'Angry Kid' series and told their friends as well.

Having made the mistake of downloading a very addictive game called 'Master of Orion' last night, I was feeling a bit worse for wear when I watched the first short in the afternoon called Vincent which was about how people don't like big differences and a boy called Vincent who wears a blue woolen hat all the time.

The feature I saw this afternoon was called Getting My Brother Laid in the program and My Brother the Vampire when it screened (another mistake?) It is about three members of the same family; Nic a sex-obsessed 15 year old girl who likes taking pictures with her digital camera, Josh a mentally challenged 30 year old man who says he is the Prince of Darkness and Mike (who reminded me of Ewan McGregor) who has to put up with the other two peeking on him with his girlfriend Nadine while they are sharing a 'private moment'.

The film starts 3 days before Josh's 30th birthday and he tells mike he wants a 'corkscrew' from Nadine for his present, Mike gets very upset without even asking Josh what he means but his girlfriend thinks it is funny.

During the rest of the film we see Nic's attempts to have a perfect 'first time' and Mike getting increasingly jealous of his brother's perceived advances toward his girlfriend culminating on the day of his birthday.

My favourite scene in this film was Mike 'instructing' Josh with the aid of a magazine on a music sheet stand which was just a crack up. The performances and humour of the rest of the film was also excellent, even though I was a bit put off by the ending.

The next film which I decided to see as the animation shorts program was booked out was a replacement screening of Volcano High which I saw last Friday. Only this time I had more time to enjoy it as I did have to worry about running off to another screening as soon as it finished. It really seemed to zip along this time around and only seemed about an hour long. I really enjoyed the chance to see it again as I haven't had the chance with any of the other films I have seen.