MIFF Day 4 - 27th July 2002

02:45 28/07/02

As I usually listen to it on a Saturday I decided to go see the live broadcast of the RRR radio show Film Buff's Forecast. It was pretty good and I got to see some important people in the festival (I thought of asking the festival director on my way to the dunny about what happened to the film last night, but he probably would have already heard about it.)

I found out that the lines are much longer on the weekend when I left a venue only to return 15 minutes later to find the line stretching out the door already (the lines outside the Capitol where longer.) At least for the Village cinema you can go sit in the bar and don't have to wait outside.

Good Rockin' Tonight : A Legacy of Sun Records was the first film I saw tonight which was a documentary about Sun Records. It had heaps of interviews with all the old stars and other contributors, my favourites were Ruffus Thomas when he critcised the doco and Sam Phillips talking about Elvis' hair.

There was also a bit of controvesy from some of the people in the doco about the found of the label which made it more interesting to watch.

Without question the original music was excellent, but why they had to show the more recent bands playing the songs is lost on me - you should have heard the groans from the audience when Matchbox 20 appeared (even though Jerry Lee Lewis was playing on the song with them.)

Even more than the music, it was the people involved that made this documentary so interesting. Well worth catching when it comes out on video/TV (this was it's only showing at the festival.)

For the late session tonight I saw Dead or Alive a hyper Japanese gangster film full of sex, drugs and violene. The first ten minutes was the hardest to understand as there was just so much action and no dialogue, but it did settle down to a somewhat normal cops vs gangsters film after that.

This film is definately not for the squeamish or people expecting a normal gangster film. They stuffed up the ending also. Some people might think it was being 'ironic' but I think that they couldn't think how to end it properly.