MIFF Day 15 - 7th August 2002

I got a surprise today to find that not only have my comments about some of the films/events at the film festival been published in a local magazine (Beat), but there is also a link to my MIFF diary there also.

Originally today I was planning on seeing five films in a row much like the on the first Friday of the festival, but I decided against it as it would have taken too much out of me at this late stage in the festival (I didn't feel like running between venues again either.)

The first film I saw tonight was Film Ist 7-12 which is the second in a series about early German silent films. It has a basic theme and uses different scenes from the films in creative ways.

What I didn't like about this film was the so-called 'music' which made me want to get my ears syringed - again. I also really don't like when they put modern music over silent films, but that's just a personal preference of mine.

Some of the clips that were shown were very entertaining, such as the chase scenes from the comedies which had loads of shots of cars managing to cross the tracks just before trains and that famous shot of the two trains crashing.

It's probably only me who would think this but I would have rather seen a few longer sections of only a couple of films rather than a montage of all the films they showed.

My second film for the night was Secret Ballot which is set on an island in the Persian Gulf with a young idealistic electoral officer and her begruding soldier escort on election day.

This film is meant to be a very serious tale about democracy but it does have some humour mainly due to the characters the two encounter while looking for people to vote.

I haven't seen any films from Iran before but I liked this film due to the performances of the two main characters and also the landscape involved. I'll be looking forward to more films from Iran in the future.

My last film for the night Happiness of the Katakuris is a very off-beat musical/crime/comedy film about a family who run a guest house in a remote mountain area. They have been running the guest house for years but haven't had a customer and when their first customer winds up dead they break into song upon finding the body (a very strange sequence) and the father decides to bury the body so their place won't get a bad reputation.

Later things just aren't going their way and they decide to deal with it in the same way as before. There are heaps of musical numbers in this film and they seem to turn up in the strangest places (even a karaoke clip) it's hard to believe that this film was made by the same director who did the really violent gangster films I have seen recently (Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive 2 : Birds).

A very funny film with some really wierd things in it (such as the animated sections done in a strange claymation style), fun for the whole family!