Best of MIFF 2002

As I have quite a few films to choose from it would be a bit of a disservice for me just to do a top 5 and nothing else.

Top 5 Overall

1. Volcano High
2. Happiness of the Katakuris
3. The Backyard
4. Hell House
5. Cinemania

Top 5 documentaries

1. The Backyard
2. Hell House
3. Cinemania
4. Good Rockin' Tonight - A Legacy of Sun Records
5. Jame's Ellroys Feast of Death

Top 5 music docos/films

1. Good Rockin' Tonight - A Legacy of Sun Records
2. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I put a spell on me
3. Iggy Pop - Live at the A Venue B
4. Sound of Brazil
5. Looking for Bruce Lee

Top 5 Asian movies

1. Volcano High
2. Happiness of the Katakuris
3. Dead or Alive 2 : Birds
4. You Shoot, I shoot
5. A Tree of Palme

Top 5 Rest of World (including Australia)

1. Getting My Brother Laid
2. One Hour Photo
3. Black Chicks Talking & forum
4. The Skewed World of Phil Mulloy 2
5. Secret Ballot

Venue Ranking

1. Capitol Theatre
2. Village
3. Forum Theatre
4. Festival Club
5. Greater Union

The Capitol would have to be my favourite even if it was just for sentimental reasons. I remember starring at the ceiling a lot the first few times I was there.

Village ranked so highly due to the sound system and the fact that it is such a large venue which means the films had a better atmosphere. It's going to be interesting to see what happens next year when it moves up to the old Daimaru space in Melbourne Central.

Best Gossip from the festival

An AFI member allegedly said that her and an intederminate number of members 'hated' Moullin Rouge so much they conspired against it in the voting so that Lantana would win best film.

Which person from Cinemania do I most identify with

Probably Jack as I have also altered my diet somewhat during the festival, but unlike him I am probably eating more healthily than usual.

About the MIFF website

The official MIFF website somehow ended up on a site called Websites That Suck as their 'sucker of the day'. I wonder who dobbed them in?

Other Stuff

What I will be looking forward most after the festival is having something for dinner that is not sandwiches! I don't think I will eat as much as I used to at work and I will be able to sit still for longer.

I think I only managed to submit one voting form for two reasons:
1. I always seemed to have another session I had to get to.
2. I didn't want to win a year's supply of yuppie wanker beer.

A person waiting in line remarked that the real reason for the surveys was for the sponsor to gauge interest in the festival. So if not enough people filled in the surveys they wouldn't be back as a sponsor.

The Who Weekly Festival Club ad is ANNOYING. Thank God I don't have to see it again. At least the Stella Artois ad had good production design (it seemed to have been made with the idea people where going to have to see it a lot.)

For two weeks I haven't had to worry about anything except when the next session started. Even though I didn't go anywhere physically I did have a 'holiday from responsibility' going back to work after so long is going to be hard.

I really enjoyed the late night screenings as I don't often stay out that late. I will have to have a look for some in the city once I start going to the movies again (in about a month or so.)