Barry Morgan - Organ is Not a Dirty World

Barry and I - click for bigger New Ballroom, Trades Hall, Thursday 28th March 2013

I had enjoyed seeing Barry Morgan so much a couple of years back that I saw him twice in the festival and was interested to see what the new show would be like now that he has been on TV a few times and on tour with GOTYE and will be supporting Tenacious D upcoming tour.

He is still the same happy Barry as ever and the fame does not seem to have gone to his head, the show exists in its own universe where he is still struggling and this time has a rival organ store next door causing him problems and the management of the Sunnyside Mall threatening him with eviction.

All the songs for the show seemed new and there were covers of some recent popular songs. There was even a "guess the song" part of the song just like the time he appeared on Spicks and Specks.

It was a bit of a smaller crowd, but that was reasonable considering it was the first show of the festival and the night before Good Friday. There was some audience interaction, but one grumpy pants said "I came here to be entertained, not to do the entertaining", why would you come into the show with that attitude?

The cameras on the keyboard and showing a close up of Barry playing were also used well and got some of the biggest laughs.

It was an excellent show and one I would definitely recommend that you could bring your parents or grandparents to.