With MC Nik Coppin, Christophe Davidson, Adam Crow, Nikki Britton, Ian Bagg
Exford Hotel, Friday 30th March 2012

"It's just a bloodbath..."

I had seen Nik Coppin the other day and promised I would come to the first show, plus it was only $5 for the first show and I didn't really have anything else on so I decided to go after having a lie down after work.

It really depends on who is on as to the quality of the show, I was lucky enough to see Stephen K Amos do a spot in this show one year and he had a good time harassing the audience.

As the show is on so late and the audience is encouraged to drink and enjoy themselves it does get very rowdy and there was a lot of audience interaction and even an attempted stage invasion at one point.

First up was Christophe Davidson who broke with tradition as a man doing jokes about periods. He also talked how he was bought up in a house of women and is jealous of them having vaginas (a title of one of his previous shows was "Where's my vagina?"). He seemed like a good bloke and I might try to see him later on in the festival.

Adam Crow seemed to be have been put on the spot and was trying out a lot of his sex material that hasn't been used much. He decided to cut his bit short when his jokes died.

Nikki Britton was bright and bubbly for this time of night and even did an interpretive dance to end her spot. I would consider going to see her later in the festival as she seemed nice and would be fun to hear more of.

Ian Bagg only just got off the plane yesterday and spent about 95% of his time arguing with the audience, he seemed to be enjoying himself though and I don't think he really ended up doing much of his material and just spent the entire time going back and forth with the audience. He was the only person to mention my shirt, but that was pretty much a gimme.

I will see how I go about going to see more shows at the Exford and will try to get to see Nik Coppin later in the festival also.