Andrew McClelland's One Man Stand

Council Chambers, Melbourne Town Hall
Wednesday 4th April 2012

Watching Andrew walk across the top of the seats into the audience in the first five minutes I thought, "I think you might have peaked too early boy-o!" Did he really? Umůumů

In all my years of seeing comedy in the Town Hall including Dave O'Neil in the same room last year, he was the first one to mention something about the room that you wouldn't actually know unless you had gone in and looked at it properly or at least asked someone about it (I'll leave it as a surprise what it was.)

The premise of the show is that it is set in an outer-suburban comedy room at a pub that just happens to look like the Council Chambers. Andrew plays the MC and also all the special guest comedians throughout the night.

It's a difficult thing parody, I know that he was making fun of comedians with poor material and it gives him the opportunity to get rid of many jokes he wouldn't normally use, but I don't remember any of his material dying this badly on stage before.

The worst of it was the Russian comedian, who didn't seem to have any recognizable jokes at all, but at least avoided any "in Soviet Russia" puns.

I would have preferred there to be less characters and more time with some of the better ones like the old US showman at the end. Good work with the old-time Aussie comic who started out really annoying, but just kept hammering at it until he seemed endearing at the end "you've been spunked!"

Some of the audience interaction was weird with people calling out breeds of dogs with a punch line made up on the spot, although no one had yelled out "papilion" before.

I always try to go and see at least Andrew at every comedy festival each year and "Tie Her to the Tracks" has sold out its run already. If you are a really big fan of Andrew then I would still recommend coming to see this show, but it is a lot different than his earlier theme shows. Back