Talking Poofy

with Toby Sullivan, Scott Brennan and Wes Snelling
Vic's Bar, Saturday 9th April

As I was in the area and looking for another show to go to rather than head home early, I thought I would check out this show as I had heard of it before but hadn't had the chance to see it.

Adam Richard was away at a wedding but his place was filled in be Wes Snelling for the show.

The audience was quite rowdy and spent a lot of time laughing at it's own jokes, so it might be best if you go as a group.

The show itself does not apologise for being unstructured and had an air of puppies fighting over a towel on stage.

The main section of the show involved getting a volunteer from the audience and setting them up as a trainee twink with a survey of it they fit all the gay stereotypes. It depends on the person they pick, but the bloke they had that night was happy to go along with the joke and even contributed some of his own.

It was a funny show and I would recommend it if you want to see a late night show during the festival. Also it seems the Victoria Hotel is somewhere a lot of the comedians go to drink after shows themselves so it is worth stopping by for a drink if you are in the area (my preferred bar for the festival is Bella Union at Trades Hall.)