Nik Coppin - Untitled

Night Owl, Saturday 9th April 2011

I had told Nik I would try to make his show, but I was originally going to go see Kim Hope, only to find out that that night was the only night she didn't have a show on - good to find that out after waiting half an hour in the rain outside the Town Hall, also that I couldn't book tickets for Nik's show at the Town Hall either.

As it was a cold and wet night there weren't too many people in the venue, but that gave Nik the chance to talk to a lot more people in the audience (the ones who sat near the front any way) and it was more a conversational show than one that was on any set theme.

I also ended up being involved in the show at one point, following up some discussion I had with Nik after seeing his show a couple of years ago. I would be too embarrassed to admit what it was about, but I am sure Nik would tell you.

After the show I was going to see the Shaggers show he compares, but it turned out to be too busy there so I couldn't even get into the Exford downstairs.