Lawrence Leung Wants a Jetpack

New Ballroom, Trades Hall, Wednesday 20th April 2011

I ended up running out of time to see shows this year and for the last night I had free before Easter, I decided to go see Barry Morgan again as I knew it was a good show and also Lawrence's show as I would be kicking myself if I managed to miss another one of his shows.

The theme of the show is Lawrence's attempts to acquire a jetpack including a history of their development and the current top pilots from the US. I enjoyed the audio visual component including a reference to Beyond 2000, but no Mythbusters strangely as they are made by the same production company.

It was also great to finally find out the story about the Birdman Rally this year as I had a friend competing in it also (he was the first to jump) and I enjoyed seeing the first-person footage of the jump.

It was a funny show and I was happy to have made the effort to have gone to see it and for it to be the last comedy festival show I made it to for the festival.