Josh Earl - Love Songs and Dedications

New Ballroom, Trades Hall, Thursday 7th April 2011

Josh Earl hates cakes, the definitive answer was given during a section of this show that compared them to sex, so no follow-up to the show on the Australian Woman's Weekly children's birthday cake book. He did thank everyone who came last year for coming this year and the book has now been reprinted (they didn't acknowledge his show though.)

This show is based around the popular Love songs dedication by "The Love God" on MIX FM, which allows josh to integrate his songs into the format with no problems and include some stories of his own.

The venue was a lot larger than last year and unfortunately was only about a third full on the night I visited. There was a bonus of the person involved in one of the stories that Josh told being present on the night though.

It was still a good show and hopefully audiences pick up for the rest of the show's run.