Dave O'Neil - Happy to be out of the House

Council Cambers, Town Hall, Tuesday 9th April 2011

I used to go see Dave O'Neil fairly regularly back around 2000-2003, but he went off to do breakfast radio and stopped doing stand up that much so I was looking for a show to go to close by to Andrew's show at Vics Bar so I thought I show check it out.

I had heard about this show as Dave had broken his leg and had to cancel the run last time, there was a clip shown how he managed to break it during a on-air stunt for Nova FM.

The show is covers Dave O'Neil's experiences as a father and how he decided to come up with a show just so he could get a break from it.

It was alright I suppose, but nothing that special. For me it was like when you catch up with someone you haven't seen for a few years and they haven't really moved on from what they have been doing previously, some people are like that and if they are happy doing that good luck to them.