The Bedroom Philosopher - Wit-Bix

New Ballroom - Trades Hall, Thursday 31st March 2011

I had missed seeing the Bedroom Philosopher's Songs from the 86 tram show the previous two festivals and was looking forward to seeing him this time as he is usually quite reliable in terms of putting on a good show.

It was disappointing to see how badly this show went, even with the Awkwardstra on stage and they are a good band. Too much screwing around from Justin and he just walked off stage at the end when a technical problem meant the music to introduce the band didn't play on time.

There might have been a couple of technical slip ups, but that is no excuse for the behaviour Justin exhibited during the show, carrying on exactly like one of the comedians he pretends to hate.

Even the part when he comes on stage dressed as a cat to a Chris Isaak number left me distracted as he had the fly on his cat-shorts undone for the rest of the show. I don't want to know if he is packing heat. Jeez!

I cannot abide this sort of nonsense and I have more than enough shows competing for my attention over the course of the comedy festival and gigs I could go to and not waste my time on this rubbish.