Barry Morgan's World of Organs

Trades Hall - The Meeting Room, Thursday 31st March 2011

I had missed Barry Morgan at the Fringe Festival last year, so I was looking forward to seeing how the show had progressed since I saw him perform at the Queenscliff Music Festival a couple of years back.

What I enjoyed about the show this time around is that it had more of a storyline involving Barry Morgan going on the road and trying to sell his organ with audience participation to demonstrate the Hammond Aurora Classic.

I do enjoy going to see live music more than comedy these days and I would recommend this show to people who would not normally go to see a comedy as the music brings a different element into it. There were even a few musicians I know locally in the audience of the preview show.

The big screens either side of the stage are put to good use to demonstrate Barry's work on the keys, but I couldn't help watching Barry himself at the same time. I did like getting to see the close-up's of Barry's bottom lip in scene (that seemed to get the most laughs.)

It will be interesting to see what Barry Morgan does next as the DJ-Barry piece in the show is a new direction for him and I want to see what the character does next.

Speaking with Barry's minder, Stephen Teakle, after the show I found out a bit more about the organ used in the show and also the inventor of the Hammond organ also invented 3D screening technology.

It is a credit to the show that Barry never once drops out of character or has to work blue to get a laugh. According to Stephen, he wouldn't know how to as he is an innocent in the world.

I hope the show goes well during the festival and I would advise going to see it early as it will sell out given the huge reaction Barry had on Spicks and Specks.