Anna Lumb - Big Shoes to Fill

Anna Lumb Old Council Chambers, Trades Hall, Tuesday 12th April 2011

Milk, mashed banana, water, flying cardboard buildings and rouge hula-hoops, don't be such a pussy and sit up the front, you'll get all this any more right in your face without the need for some poxy 3D-glasses, although the eye protection may come in handy.

I even got to be part of the show, but I don't want to spoil it to say what I ended up doing and what Ms Lumb did with me on stage with the help of her furry companion and a fan out the door.

I have seen and photographed Anna several times before at other events, so it was good to see her doing her own long-play version of her show with its own storyline that is different to just doing short acts of a few minutes like I am used to seeing these style of performances.

The story concerns the adventures of a 50-foot woman who is trying to make her place in the world, starting in a small town and moving on to the city where she just wants to fit in. It is quite sweet and touching in places and I enjoyed it.

I liked the set with the miniature buildings (including lights inside) and the blank backdrop was used to great effect with Ms. Lumb's shadow and a slide show of her character on a tour of "Big Things" around Australia at one point.

There is a good mix of music to go along with the action and you certainly won't get bored if you sit near the front, especially once the water starts flying towards the end.

It was a great show and I hope Anna Lumb gets a lot of people to go see her over the show's run and hopefully gets someone to record it for prosperity.