Andrew McLelland - Truth Be Told

Vic's Bar, Tuesday 5th April 2011

Over the past few years I haven't always been able to go to many shows at comedy festivals some years, but even when I only got to go see three shows for the entire festival, one of them was Andrew's show.

I guess he's someone I would like to be more like myself, he's always dressed well and says things I wish I came up with.

This year's show was a bit different in that it does not really have an overriding theme, but it more about telling a story, albeit one that becomes a Mandelbrot Set of stories as it evolves.

As usual I am sure I will still remember things from this show for years to come like the made-up lunch order list from 2009 and even the pirates show from 2004.

There was some good interaction with the audience including Andrew pointing out a young man's trousers being too low, which he normally would not do but he had to be taught a lesson and to pull his pants up. It was good of Andrew not to crack it at the same person's rudeness of putting their feet up on the stage.

It was in a good venue this year and I have since been to see another show at Vic's bar. The Town Hall is a bit too busy for me so I am trying not to see too many shows there.