Josh Earl vs. the Australian Woman's Weekly Children's Birthday Cookbook

Josh Earl Tagline: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to lick the beaters

Swiss Club, Tuesday 6th April 2010

Due to any number of reasons, this year is not going to be a big one for me at the comedy festival, but I just really wanted to see this show as I had heard a lot about it and wanted to hear about the cakes.

The countdown at the start of the show with the cakes was great, and an excellent way to get people into the mood who may not have been familiar with the subject matter. I thought the projection of the cakes was very bright and clear and they all looked as good as I remember.

Speaking of cakes, yes I do remember a lot of the cakes from my childhood as my mum was a lot like Josh's making cakes for people (not the Hens' night ones though) and I remember having to grease the cake tins, drawing around the bottom of a tin with a pen on the greaseproof paper and cutting them out to line the tins.

I also enjoyed the songs about the cakes, but one was about Josh's experience at a heavy metal show in Finland that I remember hearing before.

It was really great to see an actual cake from the book in the flesh during the show and it is a credit that they have to make about three new ones per week for it. Ita Buttrose, the former editor of the Woman's Weekly gets a look in the letter section and there are some other 80s pop culture cameos.

The part with Josh's mum giving her rebuttal during the phone call was great and also his dad complaining he never gets in the shows.

I would recommend this show if you are a fan of cakes, growing up in the 1980s, childrens' birthday parties or just want to see a funny show.

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