Andrew McClelland's Somewhat Accurate History Of The Fall Of The Roman Empire

A typical Roman Tagline: "I'm Catherine Deveny on stage! Ooooooh!"

Town Hall, Tuesday 6th April 2010

I'm having somewhat of a quiet festival this time around, but I would have felt pretty bad if I had missed seeing Andrew McClelland's show as I have tried to see him ever since I saw him in "Somewhat Accurate History of Pirates" in 2004. I don't really know him that well, but still say hello when I see him around town.

Roman history is a very rich topic to base a show on and Andrew reminded the Roman history buffs in the audience that the show was only "somewhat accurate" and also made one of them his slave to rub it in.

There is a lot of audience participation in this show, with one section of the audience being Roman centurions, the next few rows being barbarians and right up the back are the Christians. Having the show set in such as small room makes it more intimate so these parts worked very well.

I also liked the re-enactment of Julius Cesar's death and the cameos from two important historical tidbits from the audience.

What I liked most about the show is the fun Andrew McClelland is having on stage, even as the audience was coming in he was singing along to the music and he is always giggling to himself. You get the feeling he could do the entire show with no one there and have just as much fun.

There are not too many props considering the historical nature of the show, the biggest one was the Roman shield, which appears all too briefly.

I would recommend this show if you a history buff or just want to see a funny show and impress your friends with your knowledge of the ancient world.

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